Ban appeal

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Your IGN: Azaroc01

Date you were banned: May 11th 2023

Why you were banned: asking if someone was selling Pokémon on venmo

What does it say when you log in (Post a screenshot if possible): attached in photos

Who banned you: rizzlesizzle

What will you do to prevent this from happening again: it was my mistake that I ask if someone was selling Pokémon outside the game it was my assumption that you could buy Pokémon with real money because of the shop online and because I didn’t understand the concept of cash of credits I honestly didn’t know you couldn’t buy Pokémon off people and I never have before

Why did you break the rules: I honestly felt bad for the person I asked if he was selling the Pokémon I know that he spent a lot of money in the game and people aren’t the nicest to him so I was trying to give back because that’s the person I am furthermore we both would’ve gained I would’ve got cool Pokémon and he would’ve got some of his money back

Anyone with a similar name: I do not believe so

Why we should unban you: It was not only a honest mistake but I just asked a question I did not actually do that action but not only that it was my first and only offensive I have never got a warning within the time I have been playing I am on the 7th gym and a more than causal player who loves the game and the server this will not happen again if I do get perma ban I completely respect and understand your decision but if I don’t I promise it will not happen again thank you so much for your time and making a amazing server it’s been really fun


Staff member

Thank you for reaching out and appealing for a pardon regarding this.

Since you have not been punished prior times on our server, and have made it clear this was an honest mistake, I will unban and give you another chance.

Please make sure at all times you are following our server rules to prevent something like this from occurring again in the future!

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