Future of I-Survival, dead forever?


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This isn't pixelmon related, I know.
I used to be a semi-regular player of I-Survival, and now it's been down for probably more than a year, I was wondering if there's any news about it. Sorry in advance for the barrage of questions, but...

Is it still undergoing updates, or is it dead in the water?
Will there ever be an official world download released, even if it's just a part of the world?
What was the reason behind going full-on Pixelmon?
Why is the URL still I-Network, when it's just one server?
Are there any plans for the future?
Will it ever come back?
If it is dead in the water, what happened?
What does this all mean for I-Factions and I-Vanilla? I didn't really play those two, but I know some people did.
Why does it feel like all previous I-Network servers have been swept under the rug entirely?

I hope for a response, but I will not expect one.

Hope the whole team is doing well.